Two-Legged Madness x4 + occasional 4 legged madness x3 + 2 webbed foot madness…

So I decided to create another blog because I post WAY too many things on facebook that my kids are doing and saying and figured at least this way I could keep all those quips in a neat little package. Like I did with Brighton’s blog, turned family blog that just didn’t feel right so kind of came to a screeching hault. Then I added an eating local blog, a photo blog, an Iowa blog, a blog just about Emmeline, and a homebrew blog. Which brings me to this blog, that I’m typing on the toilet while my daughter is taking a bath.

So that right there, that last sentence? That’s how my posts will be. Pretty frank, pretty blunt, hopefully funny or at least mildly entertaining. Because in my house, we bicker, we argue, we seem to have a constant barrage of random crap (mostly toys and paper) floating about our house, but we enjoy one another. And we laugh. A lot. So I hope this blog doesn’t go the way of the dodo. like the others did.

This blog is a personal blog, copyright protected under a creative commons license. You may not use any photos included in this blog for commercial or non commercial use.


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