Holy RAGBRAI Cucumbers Batman!

I apologize for the half-assedness of this post.  It was done on my iPad, which is NOT a good blogging device!!


It’s amazing what will happen in a garden bathed in heat and unattended for several days. We left for the weekend to Lake View for the Water Festival then RAGBRAI. My sister in law hosted Team Peacock (Upper Iowa University) for ragbrai. UIU is both her and my husband’s almamater, so it was an extra special event for both of them.

As usual, during the heat of summer and the flurry of activities during these last two months, I’ve fallen away from blogging or doing anything really other than keeping my head above the proverbial waters. To make matters worse, I have two ice cream buckets and one large Tupperware Thatsa Bowl filled to the brim with cucumbers that need canned. And green beans that need harvested, peas that need picked, and 2 antsy children who after having spent the last 4 days at their cousin’s house playing non-stop all day long, will be on me like flies on you-know-what. Oh, and did I mention that my husband will be out on a trip for work um…sometime in the next few weeks? I can’t remember when exactly.

*insert bug eyed crazy face here*

My brother is going to come down sometime to go with us and his kids to the pool, we are going there to celebrate his and his daughter’s birthday (which reminds me….PRESENT AND CARD!!!) I have side jobs the next week…

So I will share the canning when I get to it. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh! Before I forget, remember that mozzarella I was trying to make? Yeah. Three time loser. I even ordered vegetable rennet in hopes that would solve ALL my problems. Yeah. Big fail. Though that was part of the problem, I narrowed it down to one two common denominators. I need to be away from my house, and heat. I am too distracted to monitor the heat closely at home. At David’s house, I can focus on what I’m doing because I don’t have 7000 other things, including 3 pairs of eyes, distracting me.

So for right now in our in-between RAGBRAI rides (my husband is riding-not me-I’m his “support”) I need to catch up on housefly duties and enjoy sleeping in my own bed!

Enjoy some photos of ragbrai.






















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