Beautiful Blogger Award

What a wonderful surprise to wake up (early – before 6 – FYI NOT ACCEPTABLE) and find that I was given the “Beautiful Blogger” Award by a fellow beautiful blogger Going Coverless.  I feel like I’ve neglected this blog as of late, and looking forward to the last week of planning for my first born’s much anticipated birthday party, it will continue to be neglected (sans photos) for a little while longer.  So what a wonderful and nice surprise to be greeted with a Beautiful Blogger Award!  It gives me many “happies” that I still have people reading and most of all enjoying the photos and the blog.

Thank you Going Coverless!!  


“In receiving this award you’re asked to nominate six of your favorite blogs to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award as well. So, here are six of my current favorites.”  

So here are some of my favorite blogs I follow (with the exception of Going Coverless of course):

The Bean Blog

Pour Me Some Whine

Daring To Live In Love


Attic 24

Iowa Girl Eats


Thank you to all of you who read and follow.  It’s good to be loved!  (Or at least liked – hee hee)



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