Today Was a Good Day

By all accounts, today was a relatively great day.  It was the husband’s last day of vacation, and since he can’t stand to sit still and rest, we decided to put in our hosta bed.  You see, before we built our house, we lived in a trailer on this land that we own.  On either side of the trailer, was a huge willow tree.  When my husband asked me to marry him, he knew about most of my baggage.  He knew about my dog, Boomer, who was an indoor dog – love me, love my dog.  He knew about my fiesta ware.  I don’t mean just place settings, we have now over 20 place settings and godonlyknows how many separates, but let’s just say that one corner of our basement is dedicated to fiesta ware.  What he didn’t know, was that I would develop an obsession with Hosta.  I had a few at my old house, but my “transient” lifestyle (which just meant I was living in a rented house then moved in with a friend, then moved back home before I moved in with him) didn’t really lend itself to keeping hosta.  So I bought them for my mom.


I blame my aunt and her great classic taste.  I also blame my mom for the genes that encourage me to go gung ho into those things I truly enjoy.  Of course, I couldn’t be obsessive about things that don’t have a huge selection or are outrageously expensive.  Instead, I get obsessed about things like gourds, hosta, fiesta, yarn.  All of these things proved useful.  I made a little bit of spending money on gourd creations.  Hosta, well, hosta make my yard beautiful. Fiesta ware, well obviously we use it every day.  I’ve only broken maybe 4 pieces.  Yarn, well that too is proving useful.  I make lots of cool things.  (Nevermind that I will likely never use up every skein of yarn in my stash – but that’s beside the point…)


So today.  Today we moved at least 35 hosta from a temporary bed back to between those trees.  We worked from about 11 AM until 5:30 pm.  The kids were outside, inside, napping, playing, playing in dirt, swinging on swings, having fun.  It has been a good day, and now my yard is starting to come together beautifully.  And it sure doesn’t hurt that I live next to a greenhouse and giftshop.


As I was making lunch today, I looked out and saw my husband still working, the kids, and Chester, the kitten that adopted us, all playing in the hosta bed.  For a moment, my heart swelled.  I grabbed the camera and managed a pretty cute picture – before B pushed E down, the cat took off, and I almost boiled over our gourmet dinner of Mac n Cheese with Ham.  But it sure looks good!!



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