If This is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

Is it wrong to love an appliance?  A totally superfluous, but useful appliance?  I used to laugh at my mom and shake my head when she’d come home with 15 pounds of hamburger meat (because it was on sale.)  Or when she would buy a whole pork loin, and chop it into three pieces then foodsave the pieces.  There was only two of us at home, and so in my teenage mind, it was silly for her to buy all that meat.  I figured she just liked using her latest gadget (she may have been a bit behind the times sometimes, but boy did she looooooove her gadgets!)

Well, let me tell you. I am eating crow.  Oh yes, yes I am.  I got a food saver for Christmas.  My husband used it to food save something (I don’t even remember what?)  Tonight I used it for the first time myself to food save my noodles after they’d sat for 24 hours.

I am in-love.

It seals, it vacuums, IT CAN SEAL AGAIN! It allows me to save food forever!  Well, for a long time anyway.  And I can make my own size bags., so there’s little to no waste.  I know what you’re thinking “well geez Marcy, that’s not very environmentally friendly…”  Well, I wondered the same thing so I sent them a note.  I looked at their website, and they are BPA free (that’s a plus!) and it says they can be recycled under the “other” category, but to check with your “local municipality.”  Ok. So that means, at least in my town, probably not.  The bags themselves are made of polyethylene and nylon,according to the website’s FAQ’s.

“They are made of polyethylene (a type of plastic) with an outer layer of nylon for added strength and rigidity.”     (from their FAQ section of the website)

And though the jury is still out on polyethylene in my opinion, it’s very commonly used and is FDA approved.

“Yes. The bags are made of materials that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined to be safe for food use.” (from their FAQ section of the website)

So I guess I’m going to be OK with using them for now.  I will *try* to recycle them, but I’m pretty sure our recycling company won’t take them.  But I’m glad to know that I can wash and reuse them.  I have the cheaper $79 model, and I love it.  It works just fine for what I want it for.  Of course there are several versions with varying degrees of cost.  If you get one, let me know!  We can have a food saver love party.


4 thoughts on “If This is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

    • YES! You can save your grains! When you buy them on sale, you can save them for a longer period of time. Plus, you can buy your things in bulk – think spices, herbs, seasonings, meats, treats, just about anything! You can even food save clothes for storage! NO JOKE!

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