Posted in January 2012

Auroras and Flares and Storms, OH MY!

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about the Solar Flares, or “Sun Storms” lately.  Thanks to the magnetic field,  the earth’s northern hemisphere was able to see Auroras, including Iowa.  I’ve even heard as far south as Missouri and Northern Florida.   According to National Geographic and some other really smart people (interviewed on NPR,) we … Continue reading

Making Hand Soap

UPDATE 1.26.12: I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed in this soap. I put some in a hand soap container last night and it seemed to have gelled up even more in the gallons jug. Again, I didn’t read things, and I am thinking that perhaps I maybe probably should have read the exact … Continue reading

Making a basic cheese sauce with roux.

No “Processed American cheese food product?” No Problem! UPDATE:  According to my friend (and soon to be guest blogger regarding all things gluten free) Hillary, you can use gluten free flour to substitute the wheat flour in this recipe.  (You can also use cornstarch mixed with water to thicken, with reservations.  Corn starch will yield … Continue reading

Renewed and Revived

I haven’t blogged in a while. We had a major life event – I quit my job after many years of strained relationships, poor communication, and a whole host of other ugly stuff that you don’t want to hear about. And though I will miss my clients and their pets greatly, I do not regret … Continue reading


One of the most important lessons a person learns when they become a parent is the practice (and art) of documentation.  It is vital to your History, to your sanity, to your future.  Let me illustrate. The above photo is an instance that requires instant documentation.  The events leading up to this are irrelevant.  Document.  … Continue reading

Making Lemonade

So when life tosses you an unexpected ax through your skull, you can either choose to whine about it, or you can toss a heat pad on it and get on with your life (as much as possible).   In other words, quit bitching and make some lemonade out of your lemons.  (hey, I’m from Iowa, … Continue reading

Iowa Nice

This is not the censored version.  This is the real version.  So if you don’t like your children or pets to hear the “F” word or the “B” word, put a pair of headphones on.

Bi-Polar Opposites

My husband and I can do a lot of things together.  We have two children, so obviously we can do THAT.  We are good in the delivery room together.  I don’t curse him and he is very gentle and supportive.  We parent together, with a mutual respect most of the time.  Especially when the kids … Continue reading