Posted in December 2011

The Knucklecracker Ballet

As I was savoring the 2 hour 45 minute nap my daughter was taking, I decided to watch NYC Ballet Co’s Nutcracker Suite at Lincoln Center on PBS.  Every year, about this time, I have a little time to sit and watch the tele, and every single year, I catch the nutcracker.  Perhaps it’s just … Continue reading


So we are on the eve of a life changing decision for our family.  We’ve decided to not have any more children.  I know this is a responsible decision as we are happy at two children, we can (mostly) afford our two children, two seems to be a good, perfect number for us.  Besides the … Continue reading

Sweet Baby Jesus on a Spatula

Let’s get real here about what Christmas is like at the O house.  It ain’t pretty, it’s expensive, it’s excessive, it’s plastic, pvc, some wood, some wool, but mostly it’s kinda like this picture.  From December 9 through December 24th every year since we’ve had children, this has been the most infuriating, excruciating, stressful, exciting … Continue reading