So who knew bullying started in Preschool, right?  I’m curious, who teaches their boys that it’s OK to hit and pinch and kick?  Older siblings?  Parents who rough house?  Parents who don’t pay any attention to what their kids are doing?  Because Brighton started being bullied in Pre-K.  He’s now in Kindergarten and being bullied again.

Being a fierce mama, I am inclined to rock the world of this kid’s parents.  I don’t want my son to continue to be party to this brat’s pinching and kicking and pushing and punching.  He’s the kind of kid that looks all cute but the second you turn your head away, he’s punching someone, breaking something, doing something he’s not supposed to be doing.

On the other hand, my son has a tendency to exaggerate, and as of late, lie.  He’s not perfect, not by a long shot, and I’m sure he’s party to some kind of Neanderthal behavior himself on the playground.  He has a propensity for quick tears.  He’s not assertive, he’s not mean, he’s not … well, he’s not a neanderthal. 

So what’s a mom to do?  I’ve emailed his teacher, principal, counselor, and superintendent.  Though it seems for all pretenses, that they’re listening to what I’m saying, it also seems that they would rather I handle it by helping to “empower” Brighton to tell his teacher and for me to talk to this other kid’s parents.  Oh I’ll talk to them alright.  But if I don’t see some kind of improvement, I’m taking him out of this school.

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