What a whirlwind of a weekend. This month has gone by so fast it’s almost like August never happened. Today we’re recovering from a great weekend of meeting family members I’ve only known through facebook. My husband’s family had a family reunion and some of his family that I’ve never met (in person) came from all parts of the states. My little E was a monster and a half, and is still being a monster and a half. Though maybe more of 1 1/4 monster at this point…she’s teething, growing, and having 2 days of little or no nap and 2 nights of short 10 hour sleeps. My son B is still regurgitating scenes from the Call of Duty debacle from his summer sitters (LSS, all summer long he’d been talking about this zombie video game he’s been playing and I thought it was some silly E for Everyone game where they chase zombies blah blah but turns out, his sitter was letting him play or watch – doesn’t really matter – Call of Duty…ever seen it? Check out the link…nice…fucking brilliant-until one day he says to me “I shot this guy in the back of the head and shot this guys face off! to which I had a MAJOR freak out melt down mama bear style) so we’re still dealing with blowing peoples (well, zombies – but still) heads off and shooting them in the face. Which is a whole different story. AT ANY RATE. This was a great weekend that thank god is ending today. Preferably after monster #2 has her morning nap.

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