Posted in July 2011


So…my life pretty much consists of my family, my house, my pets, my plants, and Facebook. Sad and pathetic, yes I know. But late lastnight RIGHT BEFORE BED, I read one of my posts about a cougar in Lisbon. Laying in a field. …… I could go in all sorts of directions with this, but … Continue reading

A Broken Heart

Ok so I know that I complain about being “stuck” with my children, sometimes. But when I’m stuck with no hope of anyone coming to my rescue, I feel trapped, claustrophobic, like I can’t breathe. But when my husband comes to me today after he’s been mowing for 5 hours and says to me “My … Continue reading

Fleeting Moments

As a parent, we all have those moments of clarity when we step away from the day to day diaper changes and t-ball games and general rushing here to there only to realize how quickly time really does go. I woke with a back ache, and moved Emme to her co-sleeper, and the memory of … Continue reading